Het waarschijnlijk meest gebruikte voedingssupplement wereldwijd is creatine. En dit is niet voor niets; er zijn namelijk talloze onderzoeken die de werking van creatine wetenschappelijk bewijzen

  • BCAA 4:1:1

    BCAA Powder van MBN bevat drie essentiële aminozuren: Leucine, Isoleucine en Valine. Deze aminozuren kunnen niet door het lichaam aangemaakt worden, dus is het belangrijk ervoor te zorgen dat je deze via voeding of voedingssupplementen

  • L-Glutamine

    L-glutamine (2-amino-4-carbamoylbutaanzuur) is het meest voorkomende niet-essentiële aminozuur in het menselijk lichaam. De lichaamseigen synthese is het grootst in spieren,  lever,


    PRE-WORKOUT VAN MBN - EEN BIJZONDER KRACHTIG SUPPLEMENT VOOR EEN GEWELDIGE TRAINING!De Pre-workout is zo bijzonder krachtig door de samenstelling

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MBN-WHEY is a protein shake based on high-quality whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is very popular and is widely used by bodybuilders and avid athletes. These whey proteins are undenatured and therefore have maximum effectiveness in your body. The Just Whey is low in sugar, naturally contains 73% proteins and a minimum content of fats. Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and support rapid muscle recovery after training.

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If you choose MBN ISO ZERO 100% Isolate, you choose unique purity. Through a series of refined separation processes, excess fat, cholesterol, sugar and other substances are removed from the product so that in total only 1.0 g fat, 0.5 g sugar is processed in the product. One portion contains no less than 86% pure protein.

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Gainer pro is a high-quality weight gain product specially formulated for athletes!

If you want to increase muscle size and weight then Gainer pro from the makers of Gold Standard 100% Whey is just what you need. One of the best known weight gain powders available, each serving of Gainer pro is packed with 48g of protein to support muscle growth. In addition, 138g of carbohydrates and 758 kcal per serving increases the number of calories in your diet, while Gainer pro is also packed with added vitamins and minerals, as well as creatine, glutamine, inositol and choline. Best of all, Gainer pro has six amazing flavors and tastes great too!

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Night Protein
MBN Night Protein contains pure micellar casein. No other fillers or protein types, but pure and only casein protein. Casein protein has the most important property that it is easily absorbed during the night. With a protein content of no less than 88%, you can provide your muscles with proteins during the night. virtually lactose and fat free and without the use of aspartame.

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Muscle Body Nutrition World wide

The difference between MBN and other companies

  • International Standard

    Having international standards and permission to operate around the world

  • No chemical product

    Made from natural and fresh ingredients without chemical additives

  • 100% Halal

    100% halal product

  • Gluten free

    NO Gluten

  • low lactose

    Low lactose

  • Guaranteed quality and various flavors

    Guaranteed quality and various flavors

Khalid Almohsinawi

I started training in 1999, and my first contest was juniors’ championship and got the first place, and began my career in this sport, I was training myself and didn’t have a trainer, I got most of the information from the internet and collecting information from people around at the gym. In 2004 I competed in Holland championship and got the first places, in the same year I competed in the European championship and won first place as well.
After that I took a year off to add more bulk to my size, and in 2005 I competed in Mr. Universe, I got the first place and earned my pro card. 2007 was the first contest as a pro, Shawn Ray pro, and places 14th and some other contest along the way. My last contest was last year Atlantis City pro, and I got a good placing at 7th. And hope to get better ranking in the future.

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