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Sexy Yoga Women’s leggin MBN Pro 2024

Sexy Yoga Women’s leggin MBN Pro 2024

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Sexy Yoga Women’s leggin MBN Pro 2024

Introducing our latest activewear designed for ultimate performance and comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our product offers an array of exceptional features to enhance your workout experience.

Key Features:

Breathable: Stay cool and comfortable with our breathable fabric that allows for optimal airflow.
Reversible:Enjoy versatility with a reversible design, giving you two stylish options in one.
Plus Size Available:We cater to all body types with our inclusive sizing options.
Quick Dry:Experience quick-drying technology that keeps you dry and comfortable during intense workouts.
Active Switch:Adapt to different activities seamlessly with our innovative active switch feature.
Seamless:Enjoy a smooth, irritation-free experience with our seamless construction.
Moisture-Wicking:Stay dry and fresh with fabric that efficiently wicks away sweat.
Four-Way Stretch:Benefit from ultimate flexibility and freedom of movement with four-way stretch fabric.
Skin-Friendly:Our fabric is gentle on the skin, perfect for sensitive skin types.
High Elasticity:Enjoy a perfect fit with high elasticity that moves with your body.

Material:Made from a premium blend of Spandex and Nylon, our activewear offers durability, flexibility, and comfort.

Transform your workout wardrobe with our cutting-edge activewear that combines style, functionality, and comfort. Perfect for any activity, from yoga to high-intensity workouts.


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What is BCAA ?

BCAA Powder van MBN bevat drie essentiële aminozuren: Leucine, Isoleucine en Valine. Deze aminozuren kunnen niet door het lichaam aangemaakt worden, dus is het belangrijk ervoor te zorgen dat je deze via voeding of voedingssupplementen binnenkrijgt. Onze BCAA Powder bevat deze drie essentiële aminozuren in de perfecte samenstelling 4:1:1 zodat deze goed door het lichaam opgenomen kunnen worden. Deze aminozuren worden door middel van een natuurlijk proces onttrokken uit plantaardige bronnen, dus je kunt er zeker van zijn dat je de BCAA’s in zijn puurste vorm binnenkrijgt. 

Meng 2 maatscheppen (10 gram) met 250 ml drank naar keuze en drink deze rondom jouw training op. BCAA Powder is geschikt voor zowel voor, tijdens als na de training.


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